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Castle Stirling

       St. John's Cross, Isle of Iona

Piper at Loch Ness, Scotland

                           Cowtown Scottish Society for Scots, American Scots, Scots-Irish & Other of that Ilk

    Originally founded as the Scottish Clans of North Texas about 25 years ago, our purpose was to bring together native Scots and people of Scottish ancestry for friendship & fellowship, as well as to advance the public knowledge of Scottish Culture, Heritage & History.  In 2015, we have reorganized as the Cowtown Scottish Society to: 1) Accent our geographic location, generally speaking, in Fort Worth, Texas and surrounding counties;  2) Revitalize our efforts to enjoy our Scottish heritage by having as many as eight activities and gatherings a year.  These activities will include our annual St. Andrew's Night Celebration (Nov), Christmas Party (Dec), the Robert Burns Memorial Dinner (Jan) and participation in the Texas Scottish Festival in Arlington (May).  In addition, we will promote as many as four 'Scottish Invasions' at area restaurants to join enjoy good food, commeraderie and music;  3) Contributing to those who are less fortunate, i.e. providing Christmas gifts disadvanytaged children;  &  4) Extending our Scottish Culture to the general public, i.e. hosting a Genealogy Tent at the Texas Scottish Festival in May.  Oh! Aye! Let's don't forget the opportunites to wear our Clan Brooches, Kilts, Tartans, Bonnets, Scian Dubhs & Aye, even our Texas Boots!