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Scottish Black Angus Pot Roast, or
Dunvegan Baked Chicken in a Pastry

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Burns Supper 2019
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Burns Supper
Individual Member
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Burns Supper
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Burns Supper
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Burns Supper
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An Online Purchaser wishing to buy several reservations to the Burns Supper can click 'Continue Shopping', while in the shopping cart, and return to this page to add more reservations in any category.  We will publish a list of Reservations periodically.  See link below

Burns Supper
Child - 12 & under
(Add Name & 'B' for Pot Roast; or 'C' for Chicken)

On your online order below, please list the persons name & a letter representing your choice of meal:

B = Black Angus Pot Roast (Beef)                   C = Dunvegan Baked Chicken w/pastry

At checkin, you will receive a card to present to the servers at the buffet for your meal of choice

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